Small Groups – Get Connected

Small groups are an absolute core part of who we are. We love to gather all together each week on Sundays (even online!) but the heart of our faith is doing life together. It is the relationships we have, the encouragement we share and the journey we all walk together through the victories and losses we all face. That requires smaller groups where we can get to know people.

For us small groups are a place to CONNECT and GROW. If you want to find genuine community, meet some friendly faces and experience God’s love through one another then small groups are a great option.

Our groups are not purely social times though, we believe passionately that God calls us to keep growing in our faith. No matter how old or young we are, there is more to grow into. We grow as we learn, put things into practice and let God change and shape us into more of his wholeness.

We meet for 1 hour weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays, all online at the moment, with groups in homes across East Lothian and beyond.

So if you want to discover a place where you can belong – sign up to small groups today. As we meet online there is no barrier of distance. Contact us at for more info.