Services Update January 2022

As we approach our first Sunday back in North Berwick High School we wanted to let you know about some of the additional steps we are taking to keep everyone safe. As you will be aware the Omicron variant has led to a substantial increase in the spread of COVID across Scotland. In order to keep meeting in person and to follow the latest Government guidance we are putting in place the following changes to our services.

  • Communion – we had planned to restart communion starting this week but we will postpone this for now as the risks remain too high.
  • Refreshments – we will stop refreshments on Sunday mornings for the time being. Given the space we have available, the number of contact points and the removal of masks this is our highest risk activity.
  • Social distancing – we will be reintroducing social distancing in our services. This means our chairs will be spread to allow each household to remain separate. Similar to how things were back in the summer.
  • Testing – we would like to encourage those of you who are able, to take a Lateral Flow Test before attending on Sunday. Tests are available freely from chemists and other places. This helps us all stay safe.

As before Christmas we will continue to ask that you wear a face covering unless you are exempt. If you have any symptoms of COVID please do not attend. All of these steps are to love and protect one another.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this season. We look forward to seeing those who want to join us on Sunday. If for whatever reason you wish to stay at home then we will continue our online service – NBCF at Home on Sundays at 7pm on YouTube.

As these times are uncertain please keep a close eye on your emails and the WhatsApp group as there could be the need to make last minute changes if key individuals have to isolate or the school becomes unavailable.